Wednesday, March 07, 2007

'Sivaji' is not for sale - AVM's decision

Buying a Rajini film is like laying hand on a gold mine and the same can be said of Rajini's film 'Sivaji' too.

After many years, AVM is producing 'Sivaji' with Rajini in the lead. Naturally rumours abound about various elements of the film.

Though the production unit safeguards every aspect of the film, some gossip or other about the film makes its way into the press every day. Now that work has started on the post production, some news or other about 'Sivaji' release makes the rounds in Kodambakkam.

One rumour has it that Sun TV has offered 100 crores for 'Sivaji' release rights and a cell phone company has topped that offer.

Another source has it that AVM originally wanted to sell the rights to an outside company but not getting the expected price, AVM Saravanan has decided to release the film himself.

Whatever be the case, it is expected that 'Sivaji' will earn a minimum of 100 crores!
Source : Cinesouth

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