Friday, May 25, 2007

Direct release for 'Sivaji'

/photo.cms?msid=2068340 The film 'Sivaji' would be Tamil demigod Rajnikanth's hundredth release, and now, despite the innumerable delays there is a definite buzz in the Tamil film industry that AVM producers helming the project are preparing to take the biggest risk in Tamil film history by releasing the film directly – that, too, at a whopping price of 20-60 lakh per theatre.

"They have lot of risk. If the picture runs, it is good for them. But if it does not, the losses will be more. If you give the movie to distributors, the safety is that they know which theatres to run the movie and which is not to be selected," says Kalaipuli Sekaran, President of Chennai District Film Distributors Association.

Rajni's charisma

AVM expects to sell the movie for a whopping Rs 70 crore, and the charm of Rajni has ensured that their target is not really far away. 'Sivaji' has already been sold for Rs 3 crore in neighbouring Kerala and for Rs 10 crore in Andhra Pradesh, and the biggest whopper of Rs 13 crore for overseas rights. If the industry grapevine is to be believed, this would be approximately the same amount that Shahrukh's superhit 'Don' commanded abroad.

But perhaps, that is not the ace trick up Rajni and his team's sleeve. Curiosity about the movie is at an all time high - after all, 'no publicity' has been the latest strategy which is something that Indian filmdom is yet to see.

But for Rajni's fans no publicity is just not a deterrent.

"The film does not have enough promotion, but there is no need for trailers or anything. Just an indication of the release date is enough. Sivaji will rock. Even women above 40 will come. We keep ourselves up to date by checking the internet regularly," said Tamil film buffs to TIMES NOW.

Will Rajnikanth's magic help his producers win the biggest and most expensive gamble of their careers? The time for the answer to that is just around the corner.

(Dhanya Rajendran)

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