Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Vivek’s surprise in Sivaji

Comedy in Tamil films has graduated to higher levels thanks to comedians like Vivek, Vadivelu and others. Generally Vivek appears in films as a bosom buddy of the hero and will stand by him in his fall and rise. In the forthcoming Sivaji too, Vivek is slated to make his appearance felt but this time as the maternal uncle of the super star.
Readers may be aware that Tamil debate speaker Raja will be donning the role of Shreya's father in Sivaji.

Meanwhile, in the political arena too, Sivaji is said to have created a slight hullabaloo and was the reason for some heated debate in the Tami Nadu legislative assembly. While discussing the tax waiver extended to films with Tamil titles, Mr.Raman from Congress raised a question if the name Sivaji was a Tamil word or not and whether the film would enjoy the tax benefit. This has triggered quite a disturbance in the session and Minister Paridi Ilam Vazhudi was not too sure about the answer and replied that he would get back to Mr.Raman after a while.
Source : Behindwoods.com

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