Thursday, May 24, 2007

Sivaji Heroine, Shriya, Speaks

Shriya Saran looks hot and sexier than ever. She has been acting for six years, yet Shriya's career still looks bright. Indeed, she is now one of the busiest heroines in Tamil films. She had worked with all the heroes in Telugu and had blockbusters Santhosam, Tagore, Nenunnanu and Chatrapathi to her credit. When she signed Rajnikant's Shivaji, Shriya has suddenly become property in Tamil too. During the period of its shooting she was on contract which didn't permit to accept any other films. As Shivaji's gearing up for release, she has her hands full with three big Tamil projects and two Bollywood films. I tried catching her for several times during this period but could not because of her hectic schedule. Finally we had a brief chat.
Sri: You had worked for Shivaji for more than a year. How was the shooting like?
Shriya : For last one year, Shivaji has became a part of my life. Today it is completed and getting released. I miss my unit and the joy of working with Shankar sir and Rajni sir. I also miss saying good morning to K.V.Anand (cinematographer) Sir now. I wish the film should have continued for some more time. I loved working for the film. The shooting experience was really enriching one.
Sri: Tell us about Rajnikant
Shriya: I was very excited to work with him. It was like a dream come true to work Having worked with him, I can say he's ultimate superstar and great human being. It was my fortune to get a screen space opposite him.
Sri: You had worked with two of the greatest superstars of South India - Chiranjeevi and Rajnikant. What differences you had noticed in them?
Shriya: (laughs) Both are very passionate about the films. Both are very punctual. They come on to the sets on time. As actors, they are beyond comparison and have great timing in dialogue delivery and very spontaneous. I have learned a lot from both of them. Rajni sir is more of spiritual person.
Sri : When director Shankar approached you for this film, did you feel scared of acting with Rajni?
Shriya: No, I was not scared but was excited to work with him. Rajni sir is very calm and helps a lot with the shot while shooting for the film to the co-stars. He never interferes with the personal things and is very professional actor. Though he is spiritual personal, he never puts pressure of it on others. He is style king in front of the camera.  Off the screen, he is like a kid and also very gentleman. The only thing that he preached me is that stick to our roots and not to forget where we come from.
Sri: How is working with the director Shankar!
Shriya: It has been a great learning experience working under him. Hee is very detail and sends your lines much before you step on to the sets. So there is enough time for us to get prepared for the scene. I was given the bounded script (they actually e-mailed me) much before the shooting started and each and every detail was there in the script what we shoot. Shankar narrates everything including where the camera puts up, which really helps to get into the skin of the character.
Sri: Who are the other people whom you felt close while working in the film?
Shriya: K.V.Anand and Tota Tarani sir.
Sri: The posters and publicity material indicate that you have worn too many getups in the film.
Shriya : I play a Tamil girl in the film. For the reason of the different get ups that I wore, you need to watch the film (laughs). I cannot talk about it right now.
Sri: Are you bored answering these questions again and again from the different journalists, as the film is almost getting ready to be released soon!
Shriya: No I am not. In fact, I am happy about it. This is a gigantic project. So everyone is curious to know about it. That is fine.
Sri: The film also has great technicians like cinematographer K V Anand and art director Tota Tharani. And you said you made a great rapport with them. Tell us about it..
Shriya: K V Anand is an amazing cameraman that I have ever seen. He was always there on the sets. By the time, I stepped in to the sets, he will be busy making arrangements, setting up the lights, etc. He was like there for 24 x7. I don't know whether he really slept (laughs). He is a great technician. Tarani sir is another great technician that I made friendship with during this film. We all know his work. But I especially loved the house set he erected for me in this film. I felt like living in my own house than the set.
Sri : Most of shooting happened in India and Spain. Is there any specific reason for shooting it in Spain?
Shriya: I cannot talk about the story of the film. Wait and watch for that answer (laughs).
Sri: Did you do shopping there in Spain?
Shriya: Not much. I did buy some personal things but I didn't indulge on a shopping spree. It is a beautiful country and has great picturesque locations, so I did most the sight seeing there.
Sri: In Shivaji, you look so gorgeous. How did this transformation happen?
Shriya: All that credit goes to three people. Manish Malhotra,  Neetu Lulla and K.V.Anand. They are behind my newfound glamour (laughs)

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