Tuesday, May 22, 2007

‘Rajini’s a child at heart’

Shriya Saran plays the leading lady opposite South's biggest superstar Rajinikath in his much awaited multi-crore film 'Sivaji' — and she can't stop gushing about it. For the 20-something actor, who is otherwise a well-known name in the Telegu film industry, 'Sivaji' is more than just another film — both professionally and personally. "My excitement knew no bounds when I realised I was to star opposite Rajinikant. Let's face it, it's a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and I can say that today, a year after the film, I feel so much more enriched as an actor."
Currently in Mumbai shooting for an untitled Bollywood film opposite Bobby Deol, Shriya offers an insight to the real Rajinikant. "He is seen as this demi-god, but you'd be surprised to know how humble he is. When we used to shoot, we wouldn't even realise that he is on the sets. He would quietly sit on a char and read his script; in an industry where everyone is running after fame and more fame, Rajini-sir is an example of how some still remain unpretentious despite all the hype," she says.
But was there a mental block for Shriya, given that there is a 40-year age gap between them? "It could have been tough for me, but he made me feel very comfortable. He is a child at heart. Anything I had a problem with, he would help me fix it," she smiles. While 'Sivaji' is yet to be released, there is speculation that it may premiere at this years IIFA awards on June 7. "I just can't wait for the release. I might even turn up at IIFA," Shriya signs off.

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