Friday, May 25, 2007

Sivaji posters Inside Kamala theatre, Vadapalani - Pics!!


You might be aware that Kamala theatre in Chennai is releasing Sivaji. It is almost 13 years (after Veera) the theatre is screening a Rajini starrer.

Kamala theatre prop. Mr.Chidambaram has told to press that he is renovating and refurbishing the theatre in order to accomodate the thronging general public and millions of fans.

Happy shop owners

After the news broke out that Kamala will be screening Sivaji - the shop keepers in and around Kamala seems to have flooded with joy (The sales would be several times higher than that of now - that is after the movie is screened there)

While returning from work, i thought of taking snaps in an idea to show u all how it appears inside and also to collect some inside stories.

After introducing myself to some staff there i took photographs of the show case at the entrance where the poster has been stuck and the laminated glow sign board near the steps. Herewith i have attached the photos in the link. Dont forget to notice the second photographed which was taken in a close-up. (Saturday and Sunday 5 shows!!)

From the atmosphere prevailing there i can find that each and everybody there are very happy on screening the movie and they are eagerly anticipating to receive the boss like us. The guy who is showing 'Baba Mudra' in the attached photo is a staff of the theatre who assisted me in taking snaps.

On the other side, renovation and refurbishing works are being carried out simultaneously there. Surely the theatre is all set to wear a new festive look. 

File name: Kamala Theatre1.jpg,
Kamala Theatre2.jpg, Kamala Theatre3.jpg

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