Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Sivaji – Why May 31st was chosen?

What was touted to be the grand summer treat of Tamil cinema will now manage to scorch the screens only when the summer descends. But who cares, for whatever time of the year Sivaji is worth more than a watch. May 31st stands the official release date of Sivaji, as per the announcement by AVM. Much thought seems to have been given before the declaration of the release date. Here is how.
Earlier it was speculated that Sivaji would hit the screens on the 17th of May. It is a Thursday, which Rajini is fond of; besides 8 (a sum of 1+7) happens to be Shankar's lucky number. However, the news turned out to be just that, speculation. For Sivaji is still being given final touches and a release date of 17th May is just an unachievable task. As a result, AVM started pondering over the thought of fixing the release date by the end of May. May 26th was considered for the '8' factor but was later rejected since it falls on a Saturday and not Thursday.
Subsequently, May 31st had all the factors the crew was just looking for. The day – Thursday – the numerological count '8' (May 31st is incidentally 17th of the Tamil month Vaigasi) and a full moon day. Eureka, cried everyone. What more can one ask for? As for us, our crossed fingers will unfurl on May 31st.

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