Friday, May 25, 2007

Superstar in a rail track - Sivaji hoarding in T Nagar - Pics!!


All of a sudden there are dozens of hoardings have cropped up in many parts of the Chennai city and used to take snaps whenever i go by those side and post it here for u whenever i find time.

Herewith i have attached the hoarding photographs of Sivaji which has been erected near Vani Mahal in GN Chetty Road. (Thanks to Arun_j22 for telling me the venue).

Each and everytime when i used to take photograph of these hoarding some interesting incidents used to happen. While taking these snaps, some auto drivers who were there came and eagerly enquired me about the movie and also asked me the release date in their style.

"Enna sir, padam eppo thaan varaudhu?"

"Vootla, naanu, en pasanga ellam wait panninu keerom. Savari varavanga kooda sila time idha pathithaan paesinnu varuvaanga...''

Like this our arguement continued......

Now look at the photo in the following link - don't forget to spot the railway tracks beside the Superstar....

File name: GN Chetty Road1.JPG, GN Chetty Road2.JPG


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