Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Waiting for `Sivaji`!

May is normally the big blockbuster month in world cinema- Hollywood, Bollywood,and Kollywood. Every year without fail, the first Friday and the last Friday of May will see a Hollywood mass movie mainly a big franchise film releasing.
This year from Hollywood, it is Spider-man 3 on May 4 and Pirates of the Caribbean 3 on May 25, both big movies with their Tamil versions. Surprisingly there are no big Hindi movies this year, other than Shoot out at Lokhandwala and Cheeni Kum both due on May 25.
As far as Tamilnadu is concerned, there is only one big blockbuster scheduled for release in May- Rajnikanth's magnum opus Sivaji, which according to the trade is due on May 17.
The latest we hear from sources close to Shankar is that they are trying their best to complete post production work of the film and release it on May 26. Remember Shankar's big blockbusters Indian and Jeans were released in the month of May? The leading exhibitors in Tamilnadu are not taking bookings for any new Tamil films in May, as they are all waiting for Sivaji.
Already half a dozen big and small films producers have made it clear that they will release their ventures only a month after Sivaji. Ajit's Kireedam, Vikram's Bheema will announce their release strategy only after the release of the blockbuster film. Along with that some small films too do not want to get in the way of the mighty giant.
Source : Sify

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