Tuesday, May 01, 2007

A film with many firsts

"Sivaji scores A still from the movie
"Sivaji" is not just a much-awaited film, it has several aspects that make it unique
The much-awaited film, AVM's "Sivaji — The Boss", directed by Shankar, which has been in the making for more than a year, will be released this month. The songs of the film were earlier released.
"Sivaji" has several firsts to its credit. This is the first time three biggies from the film industry AVM. Saravanan, director Shankar and Superstar Rajnikanth have come together. They are joined by maestro A. R. Rahman, who has composed choice tunes for the film and who is now doing the re-recording.
It may be recalled that both director Shankar and A. R. Rahman went all the way to Australia to score the music for the film. Another first in the annals of Tamil cinema is that the highest remuneration was given to a Tamil poet for a single song. Kavignar Valee got Rs.2 lakh for the song `Athiradee', he wrote for the film. As the hype around the movie and the music grew, three songs were illegally circulated on the Internet. Though they were not the final product, they gave fans a taste of what was to come prior to the release.
The biggest first was the record sales of the audio of the film on the very first day of the launch. More than two lakh CDs and the same number of cassettes were bought by various dealers — the highest number in the audio market. The reaction of the Super Star is also considered a first, and a happy one at that. Before the audio was released, Rajinikanth saw the songs and was floored. He commended director Shankar for his effort.
The film portal Galatta.com officially came out with the mobile content of "Sivaji", even before the audio release. This is another first in the Indian film industry. The portal has joined hands with Hungama Mobile and AVM Productions to offer mobile and other content across the globe. All one needs to do is sms "SIVAJI" at 4646 and one can get an array of mobile download options, including ringtones, wallpapers, logos and stills of the film. If you are a Rajini, Shankar or A.R. Rahman fan, you can carry "Sivaji" with you everywhere!

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