Friday, May 25, 2007

‘Naan M.G.Ramachandran’- Sivaji: The Boss

The wait is agonizing for any Rajni fan. We have been counting days right from April and we are still counting not knowing when Shankar actually plans to get Sivaji-The Boss in theaters. Shankar does have a strong mind of his own, how else can we explain this delay in Sivaji's release, AVM is never known to have a late release and all previous Rajni films have hit theaters on the announced date without fail, even when he had suffered a dislocated shoulder on the sets of Baba.

Another thing, there is always an uncanny way in which different versions of the story of a Shankar movie find their way into the press. There were umpteen versions of Anniyan's story doing the rounds until the movie released and proved nearly all of them wrong. In this context, it is hard to believe anything that you hear about Sivaji's story.

But then, it is a Superstar movie and who wouldn't want to know even the smallest detail about it. The style, the action, the punch dialogues and the Superstar phenomenon unleashing itself on the screen frame after frame. Three hours of unabated thrill, excitement, cheers and a two year long wait attaining fulfillment. For the Rajni fan this is nothing short of Nirvana; salvation. So, for those of you who are dying to know what your idol (sorry, our idol) will be doing on screen this time round we have something. It is not exactly a rumor as Sivaji has already been screened to a select audience but it is not straight from the horse's mouth either. This is what you may see on screen from June 15th (if Shankar does not get any further ideas of improvisation). So read and imagine how Superstar will parade his majesty on the big screen, deliver the dialogues with peerless style and enthrall us all. Please don't bridle your imagination if you want to enjoy this.
Sivaji is this rich man to begin with, trying to take education beyond just the rich people into the poor but deserving population. He opposes bribery, corruption and all the vices that plague the system (please keep imagining the Superstar doing these things). He makes enemies, as will anyone who tries to do any good to the society. The enemies hatch a plot and decide to get Superstar out of their way. The plan nearly succeeds but Sivaji survives and escapes to the United States (living to fight another day) where he gathers his forces and plans his comeback; in style. When he comes back he is not the same man who left India, his head is shaved and he now has a deadly killer look about him, after all he is out to destroy those who conspired against him. At a certain point in the film one of his adversaries (possibly unable to identify him in his new get up) asks him (now imagine clearly the Superstar on the big screen) 'Who are you'?---------- ' Naan M.G.Ramachandran' comes the reply.

Take our word; this scene will make fans go crazy, three generations will break into frenzy in unison as Superstar introduces himself. Sivaji-The Boss, please release soon, this wait is getting too much for us.

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