Sunday, July 29, 2007

Box office Flash 23: Sivaji rocking Pink City - The Screen!!

Sivaji got released in Pink City - Jaipur two weeks back and asusual it rocks the city. Please find herewith THE SCREEN's news on the same. URL is given at the end. Since the link contains other news pieces too, i herewith give the complete text of the news.

Also one of our member has sent a mail from Jaipur with pics and news. Pls find that in my other message. Pls read and cherish these types of news and let the news dissolve in each of your gene and cell. It will again two years for us to hear such news.

Important lines from the news: //
However, the speciality of the first day shows was that majority of viewers were non-Tamilians//


Sivaji - The Boss comes to the Pink City

Tamil film industry's superstar Rajnikanth's film Sivaji - The Boss was released at Inox-Space multiplex in Jaipur on July 6, to the delight of over 300 Tamil families residing in Jaipur, besides many Tamilian labourers who work at construction sites here and many Malayalee families who understand Tamil too. However, the speciality of the first day shows was that majority of viewers were non-Tamilians.

The Sivaji fever has gripped the cinegoers here too. The kind of hype never witnessed before for a South production, the visual richness of a big-budget film and the social issue raised by director Shankar, viz. generation of black money through handsome donations for admission to professional colleges, which is an all-India phenomenon now, and above all, the Rajni style, choreography on AR Rahman's songs and fight sequences picturised in a music instruments store and an open cinema hall, are attracting huge crowds at the Space multiplex.

It is to be noted that when every Hollywood movie is dubbed in Hindi, so that all people can understand the movie, the superhit Tamil film Sivaji - The Boss too-should have been dubbed in Hindi, as Rajnikanth has a pan-India appeal.

Following is the fact file of the film : 1.800 prints of the film were screened on as many as 900 screens ; The film cost Rs. 80 crores, as compared to Shah Rukh Khan's Devdas, which cost Rs. 52 crores only ; Rajnikanth's fee for the film amounted to Rs. 16 crores ; The film was sold for Rs. 95 crores ; An amount of Rs. 2.5 crores is already spent on the film's marketing; about Rs. 1.5 crores more is planned for marketing expenses ; The film is expected to collect Rs.250 crores .


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