Friday, July 13, 2007

Sivaji's 'The Boss', not just for the man on street

IT professionals usually cut an image of being absolutely glued to their systems battling complex programs and generating solutions. However the 'Rajni' phenomenon seems to have blown this convention away and left quite a few 'Sivaji' fans in its trail.

Sample this: Lakshmi Narayanan, chairman, Cognizant, completely poker-faced while discussing attrition and revenue margins in one breath transformed into an excited movie buff when the topic of 'Sivaji' came up. "I saw it on the second day. Our company made a bulk booking for a week. I'm a Rajni fan," he declared with considerable pride.

His counterpart, Nasscom president Kiran Karnik, apparently wasn't that lucky. "It looks like I won't get tickets for the next one year going by its successful run at the cinemas," he said and then went on to discuss the movie's plot with great interest. "Rajini is this NRI right, who comes back to
India to set up an educational institution, battles bureaucracy and all?" Bang on, Mr Karnik. Full points
Source: The Economic Times, Chennai.

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