Friday, July 13, 2007

Life after Sivaji - Anuradha Sengupta from IBN

Sivaji was out of my system after the response I had for all of you collectively. But I had underestimated like I seem to be doing consistently, the power of both Rajnikanth and the internet.
There is one consistent argument that many of you have put forward - and that is, that a personal opinion or blog needs to be posted on a totally personal blog site. I have mixed feelings on this one and so am bowing down to the feedback.
From now anyone who wants to know what I think about anything can go to Anuradha SenGupta's blog.
Let me warn you it may not be worth your while and my posts can be quite erratic. I write only when I am really moved to.
I am going to be gracious and let you have the last word.
If you want to know how I feel about that you know where to go. :)

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