Sunday, July 15, 2007

Tiruthani Golden Trivia

All you might remember my posting on Tiruthani Golden theatre. The movie which was bought by theatre management for 13.5 lakhs has collected 20 lakhs so far in both screens. (this is last week's news)

Tiruthani Golden Trivia:
Sivaji was released in two theaters simultaneously in Golden complex.  The first three+ weeks including several special shows theater management has already earned their investments in huge.  When I spoke to the management they told me that they have shifted to mini golden theater because they have already booked Ajith's Kreedom and was anticipating its release. Unfortunately it got bit delayed.

And they said, now the female audiences have started pouring in.They assure Sivaji will finish 100 days run in Mini Golden since the family crowd has started to visit the theaters to see the movie.  And the movie is doing good with HouseFul shows in Mini Golden which has a seating capacity of 300+ (but someother say atleast 400 persons are inside the theatre) So 300x4 = 1200 viwers per day is too much for a small town like Tiruthani and only Boss with God's grace can do this.

With Inputs from TVE Rajesh, Manivannan

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