Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Sivaji rush continues in Trichy

Hi All,

      I'm an inactive member of this group for more than 2 years. This
might be a first talkative post by me. I too saw sivaji (4th time)
in Ramba Trichy as I didn't get tickets from Kalaiarangam and kauveri
on last saturday evening. Even I can't able to get tickets from
counter. Finally, I got tickets costs Rs100 from my friend who is a
member of Rajni Rasigar Mandram. (In kalaiarangam and kauveri the
ticket cost is more than 100). The Theatre was full with 80% of
family audience and 20% of youth. I can able to see people from the
ages 3 to 60 in the theatre. Before entering to the theatre we were
waiting in a queue from 5'o clock. In Queue, A father was standing
with his daughter 4 years old, asking how the pig comes, she was
saying, it comes as herd. And how the lion comes, she says, lion
comes alone. I was asking her what is the name of the movie u r going
to watch. she told Rajni is the name of the movie. See, that's the
power of our Thalaivar. As i already told the theatre was full and
there are some fights to get the seats. As the movie commences,
family audience started enjoying the first half. And the second half
is enjoyed by rajni fans shouting for every action of thalaivar.

And an important one, Everyone in theatre was upset (and silence
everywhere) when the doctor says sivaji was dead. And my wife was
saying me that she can't control when the doctor says sivaji died.
Everyone was happy only when the Mottai BOSS comes.

Finally, everyone left the theatre with full of joy. After reaching
the home we were talking about the movie. Everyone in my family
reviewing the movie.

My family members told me that the movie was good and they don't want
to look at the logic (as they want to enjoy th movie) and they don't
like the glamour of shreya. And they didn't understand what was
happening while changing black money to white money.

Sivaji is liked by family audience very much. In chennai, I've seen
the movie 3 times in tambaram vidhya. But I didn't see such response
from audience. B'coz there are less number of family audience.

For sure Sivaji will beat Chandramukhi.


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