Thursday, July 26, 2007

Sivaji, a hit in Singapore - Deccan Reports

Sivaji-The Boss, the latest Rajnikanth film has created thunder waves across the world, including the international tourist city of Singapore.  Released across five theaters in Singapore screening four shows each, Golden Village, Echun Cinema 9, Echun Cinema 10, Plaza, as expected by everyone, hundreds of Tamilians in Singapore flocked the theatres to watch their favourite hero act after a gap of an year.
Says Manickam, a grade 8 student in the Anderson Secondary School, Singapore, "Rajni is my favourite hero, I saw the trailers for the film on the Internet and on our local television channel, from then I started to pester my father asking him to take me to the movie for the first show."  Balu from the district of Karaikudi in the Southern part of Tamil Nadu, who has come to Singapore to work in Banana Leaf Apollo, the famous Tamil Nadu restaurant in Little India, said, "I am an ardent fan of Rajni, I came here to work a couple of years ago, before that I use to watch Rajni movies in our local theatre, but I was bit worried when I came to Singapore because it will be difficult to watch Tamil movies here, as only few theatres will screen the movie. But fortunately I watched the movie in Golden Village on day one."
Senthil from Chennai, who works in the same restaurant said that the film would give Rajni a break in his career, as he has diverted from his usual style of love and fight. "In this movie he has taken a good theme of projecting how education is being commercialised, I know it well as we had spent numerous lakhs to study in our schools and colleges," he added.
Wherever you meet a Tamilian the first question they ask is "Did you watch Sivaji-The Boss, how's the movie."
Even Singaporeans are fascinated at seeing the movie. Says Sherian "Yeah, I've heard about Sivaji, my Indian friends have told me about the film. When I was working in India I have seen Rajni films. I like his style. That cigarette jumping from his hand to lip is very nice to watch. I just enjoy watching it."  Theatres in Singapore sell Sivaji t-shirts for 10 Singapore dollars.  A person who books five tickets for the film at one shot gets Sivaji t-shirts for free. Such is the Sivaji fervour in Singapore.

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