Thursday, July 26, 2007

Sivaji mania still continues in Sri Lanka


I have posted my earlier mail on 25th June after watching Sivaji in
Cinecity Colombo. The movie was running in 4 theaters in the same
complex with full packed house. I have watched again July 1st and July
8th. The ticket rate was still 400 srilankan rupees. After the release
of Kreedom the number of theaters reduced to 2, looking at the crowd
response for Kreedom, now they again increased Sivaji to 3 theaters and
Kreedom to 1. Last sunday July 22nd I went to watch it again for the
4th time and the ticket price is now reduced. Ticket price is 280
srilankan rupees, and still it is running full packed house in 3
theaters. On 37th day it is running in 3 theaters with full. I have to
wait on queue for an hour to grab the ticket. What I found is when the
days are passing, the family audience are increasing, they were waiting
for the crowd to minimize and now they are pouring. I think after 50
days they might reduce the number of theaters (if they get movies to
release) and Sivaji will be rocking for more than 100 days.


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