Friday, July 06, 2007

Sivaji Response in Pune

Superstar Rajnikanth’s fan-following in Pune is legion. His flick ’Sivaji’ has audiences rocking in the aisles.

Sunday 3:45 pm. Screen two of Gold Adlabs, Kalyani Nagar. One of the most orderly queues outside the entrance with toddlers to toddling oldies. ’Mundus’ and ’capris’ colliding in a collage of styles, all there to watch their superhero Rajnikanth in ’Sivaji’. Vannakam!

The buzz is terrific. Lights dimmed. The legend AVM flashes across the screen and all hell breaks loose. ’Ceetes’ (whistles), claps and catcalls, erupt, rising to a cacophonic crescendo as the legend ’Rajani’ appears on the silver screen.

Kids are ecstatic, the young ones can’t control their emotions which sway the middle-aged too. Foot-tapping and enthusiastic clapping accompany each hip swaying number and punch lines coupled with trademark branded mannerisms of Rajni invite oohs, aahs, ’taalis’ (claps) and Tamilain ’wah wahs’!

The three-hour roller coaster, high-octane ride is a cinematic experience with the crowds in hysteria.
All one can say at the end of it all is, Rajni’s the man.

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