Sunday, July 15, 2007

Sivaji - Kerala & Karnataka Distributors & Profitability

Lets look into Kerala and Karnataka Sivaji's investments and BO Collections as
the movie approaches 1-month mark.

Kerala - Johnny Sagarika bought Sivaji for Kerala (except of Palakad and
Thirussur which was bought by a Palakad Theater Owner Tamil guy who have long
association with AVM). The cost including print and publicity came to 3.8 crores
to Johnny. The movie was released in 86 screens an unprecedented and unheard in
Kerala's movie industry (even Mammotty and Mohanlal's movies get released
between 50-60 screens). June 15th is in Monsoon season and school reopening so
Malayalam movies normally don't get released.

The movie made 4crores in the first week. The # of screens were reduced to 60
from 86 in the second week as per previous arrangements. After a month, the
movie has grossed 8+ crores (includes theater share as well) which should enable
the distributor to break even + a handsome profits. The movie is still running
at many centers with 60%-65% occupancy rates on weekdays and 85%-95% on weekends
which all should be adding to the profits.

Karnataka - H.D. Gangaraju (former Karnataka Film Chamber president and
long-time friend of Thalaivar, he is the regular S* movie distributor in
Karnataka - one of the rare distributors who didn't ask for any refund for Baba,
but Thalaivar insisted that he accept the refund even thought Baba did better
than any other tamil movie released in 2002) bought for Rs. 3.25crores.Due to
Karnataka Film Chamber's restriction of # of Prints for a non-Tamil movie be
restricted to 13, he released the movie with larger prints for Bangalore and few
for Kolar,Shimogo etc. but not in Mysore and Mangalore.

Since tix prices are higher in Bangalore stand-alones and multiplexes (10+
Screens) , with near 100% collections in the first week everywhere including
rural Karnataka, the movie grossed nearly 2-2.5 crores in the first week itself.
The movie is going strong around 1 month mark with 6.5 crores and prints rotated
to Mangalore (2 weeks back) and Mysore (2 days back). Since the prints are
restricted and still the pirated DVDs not being out, the movie has good
potential to do well all over Karnatak in the next 6 months.

This once again proves Thalaivar's BO power even in remote parts of any indian
state without any promotion etc., Unparalled !


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