Sunday, July 01, 2007

91.9 FM show > KV.Anand and Muthukumar's discussion on Sivaji

Dear friends,

I was listening to KV.Anand and Muthukumars discussion about Sivaji
on FM 91.9. I could listen first 30 min of the show and due to some
technical difficulties I could not listen the last 30 min. Here is
the interview transcript.

1.Every S* movie has an image boosting intro song. That song use to
have S* close up shot, S* facing camera where S* advice audience,
camera moves very fast along with dancers in background. Shankar
wanted to change this sterio type of style that's why they shot this
song something different. Those how felt it was not a typical S*
entry song here is the reason. Also next time when you watch the
movie in theatre look at the camera angle and you will see really
difference in it.

2.After hearing the story outline from Shankar, Muthukumar planned to
write three types of songs. He even told the lyrics of the three
songs into lines.

?America return hero's dream regarding how tamil nadu would be in
?AR Rahman wanted a song like "Oruvan Oruvan Mutalali with beautiful
lyrics where hero advice audience"
?America return hero's village dream

Then it was Shankar who decided to blend all three in one song and
that's how they have come up with the intro song. AR gave the tunes
to Muthukumar and based on the tune he wrote the songs.

3.Difference between Muthalvan and Sivaji. Muthalvan they have given
utmost importance to script only so they had verity of wide shots
and did not bother about the hero. But in Sivaji, S* as a mass hero
Shankar decided to give importance only to S*. So they have to focus
only S* emotions, beauty and anger moods.

4.Va-Ji. The set was ready and they were about to shoot. But Anand
felt something was missing, he was expecting some sun light poke
into the set. Then he saw some Xenon lights some where, so they
ordered the lights from Mumbai and fits in there. That gave the
right look and richness for the set.

5.Sahana: First during the discussion Totta Tarani came up with a
sample glass set and they were discussing about the budget. Anand
knows it was very difficult to shoot inside. He thought producers
will back off after hearing the budget but they said okay. Then he
has to go three days before the shooting and when he got in there he
saw many Anand reflected in each glass. Then Anand asked Totta
tarani to fix the classes not vertically. That helped him and it was
not a AC hall so the whole crew was sweating and also wearing a
black bed sheet right in front of hero heroine. Man the way he
explained I could feel the hard work they have put it out there. The
set was erected in Hydrabad.

Crap, there was some issue and for some reason I could not hear 91.9
now. These are all they covered during the first half. I am dis-
appointed now. If any one got a change to listen the talk show
please post rest of the interview here for our fans.


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