Sunday, July 15, 2007

Sivaji broke Chandramukhi collection in Mayiladuthurai within 25 days!

We called up Mayiladuthurai Rajini Fan Club Head, Mr Rajeshwaran, to find more updates on Sivaji on 12 July 2007. He informed us that, it is still going strong and up to today, the tickets are sold at higher price. Normal tickets for Mayuram are Rs6, Rs15 and Rs24. Now the ticket price is Rs50 net. Since Chandramukhi collected 22 Lakhs for 65 days ran at Mayuram Ratna theater, the distributor sold Sivaji at 24Lakhs for this town. The collection figure for Sivaji up to 11 July was 27 Lakhs.
Mr Rajeshwaran spoke to theater owner to reduce the price so that the lower end people can watch the film repeatedly. The theater owner keep saying that he will do it within 2 days but he is dragging as the shows are 60% occupied in the day shows and houseful in the evening shows and houseful for all weekend shows. The theater owner has confirmed that Sivaji will run for 100 days in Ratna theater and this will be the first film for that particular theater.
Mr Rajeshwaran alos updated that the surrounding areas such as Thanjavur, Kumbakonam, Thiruvarur, Karaikal, Nagapatinam, Sirkazhi, etc which are doing amazing collection and the tickets are still sold at jack up price.
Thiruthurai Poondi Vijila Delux theatre - the theatres were filled with only 60% audience in all the shows.  Ticket prices are still high.. Rs.30/- is too much for the places like Thiruthurai pooindi which is not even considered as a C centre and something below.
For your info, Mayiladuthurai, Thiruvarur, Karaikal, Nagapatinam and Sirkazhi is considered as "C" centre and Thanjavur is considered "B" centre.

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