Tuesday, July 10, 2007

The Boss's voice

Remember the Kikku erudhe song in Padayappa? And you always thought it was Rajni himself singing it? It was play back singer Mano singing it and you will hear his voice this time too, not just in a song, but throughout the movie. Mano, who first dubbed for the Super star in Muthu's telugu version will also lend his voice for the Boss in the Telugu version of Sivaji.

‘‘It is always a pleasure to give out good messages to the nation as the voice of Rajni. I consider myself very lucky,'' said Mano in a telephone interview from Hyderabad. ‘‘I am also thankful that my voice matches him naturally, and I do not have to struggle,'' he added.

When asked about his memorable moment in all these years of dubbing for the Sivaji, he promptly recalled the phone call he received from the super star. ‘‘If your work has been good, he will promptly call to appreciate you.'' The voice for Shriya in the movie's telugu version will be Savitha Radhakrishnan, who first dubbed for Aishwarya Rai for Jeans, in both tamil and telugu. She recently lent her voice to Shriya in Thiruvilayadal arambham.

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