Monday, July 16, 2007

Sivaji - Andra Distributor & Profitability Update


                    In AP, Bellamkonda Suresh bought the Telugu rights of Sivaji.
Some of you may remember him as he was one of the guys who was shot allegedly by
NTR Balakrishna in 2004. Lucikly he survived, even more lucky, he got the Telugu
rights of Sivaji since everyone in the industry thought Tirupathi N.V. Prasad
will get the rights. After Anniyan, Shankar was about to start a Telugu movie
for Prasad, but since Sivaji happened he postponed that and assured him that he
will get Sivaji's Telugu rights. But AVM decided to give the rights to Suresh.

The amount for Sivaji's Telugu rights is in dispute as you know Sify quoted
13crores and AVM came up with a public statement saying its only 8 crores, but
when The Hindu questioned about the amount, Suresh was non-commital and said
that is something between him and AVM.

But this article below in Screen Weekly puts it at Rs 14 crores which seems more
reasonable since we are talking about 250 prints that were released in 325
theaters across AP. Also Suresh sold Nizam territory (which has Hyd/Sec) to our
good old friends Pyramid Saimira for 6.75 crores. With all the areas put
together, Suresh sold it for Rs. 20-22 crores giving himself a handsome profit
of 6-8 crores to start with.

What Abhirami did for Chennai in a small scale, Pyramid Saimira did it in a
larger scale by releasing the movie in 44 screens in Hyd/Sec area beating
Chiru's Sankar Dada MBBS record of 38 screens.

Post Release:

From Day 1, Sivaji's Telegu Box Office Collection gave a run for its money to
its Tamil counterpart in TN. In Nizam alone, for the first 4 days, it collected
distributor share of Rs. 2.75 crores for Pyramid Saimira.

By the end of the first week, Hyd and adjoining districts, the movie collected
Rs. 6 crores (Refer to Business Today's latest Article).

The first week all over AP collected Rs.15+ crores and by the end of the first
month/4 weeks Sivaji collected Rs.35-40 crores,  still at #1 as of last week

The movie is still running in more than 10+ screens in Hyd

Bellamkonda Suresh is one happy man and couple of days ago, he bought Vel's
Telugu rights for entire AP (Surya starrer and Hari is the Director)

Need anymore proof for Distributor Profitability ?

The Boss Rocks !


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