Friday, July 06, 2007

Watching Sivaji with Indonesian Chinese in Singapore Theater


Day before yesterday I took along my Indonesian Chinese colleague(who is here
in Singapore from jakarta on a project) to watch
Shivaji at Yishun theatre 7.For the sake of Singapore fans would like to
mention that Yishun 7 has got the best sound system in Singapore and you
need to catch it there if u have seen at 9,10 or plaza.

This colleague heard about Shivaji through news papers and ad shown in tv in
jakarta,and was curious to watch it as Shivaji is not released there.He has
never seen any tamil movies and this is suppose to be his first though said
he does watch some hindi songs on tv at times. I was basically doing the
translation for him from the beginning and I began to realize he was
enjoying the movie.He was enjoying the vangha pazhagalam segment and was
laughing when explained, I curbed my laughter since it was 6 th time
watching for me.

Then came the second half and he told me he is more or less ok with the
subject and I need not translate any more and he will ask me if he really
want to. He was amazed at Sahana Song set and kept saying this is the best
he has seen so far and basically going ga ga over it and I was explaining
him about Shankar and his perfection etc.I let him off with out translation
and I was often checking if he was ok and he seemed to be in good mood and
was liking it and enjoying it.

He was literally enjoying the movie and asked me about the dish when the
Bajji scene came and went wild at the coin flicking and walking style of
Rajini.Though he did irritate a little bit like when the one rupee came out
of the public phone booth he kept asking me how this is possible, can a,
can, a like that and I explained to him it is some time possible in India if
you are lucky that you can get connected to your call and be refunded as
well and he kept quiet only after hearing that.

Then came the Jail scene where Rajini is tied and the jailer ask the other
policemen to beat him up and one by one they refuse.Suddenly I see this
colleague started laughing out loudly when the entire theatre was quiet and
for a moment I could only remember Gaundamani from chinna thambi watching a
movie and suddenly clapping(He is suppose to have "Malai kaan vyathi" and
will clap for ordinary scene in panakkaran) and I told the colleague this is
suppose to be a very serious scene and why are u laughing so loudly. For
which he replied, ha ha ha no one wants to beat him up ha ha very funny and
he genuinely meant it and not as a joke,and another scene he went wild
laughing was when the mobile phone for Rajini arrives inside the rice in
jail and this colleague enjoyed that as well and he went wild when the
mottai rajini introduction and he was clapping and cheering at the chewingum
and coin styles of Super Star.

After the movie he started to rave about Super Star and has asked me to give
him some of his movies and accordingly I have given him a few DVD's
today.For the first time I realized how Japanese are attracted to Super Star
after going through this experience with an Indonesian Chinese.He made up with
his cheering and clapping at the back of a quiet theatre since the theatre was
filled with family audience and was nearly 80% full running in 3 theatres in
same complex for the 4 th week starting yesterday (Thursday).

Just thought of sharing this with you all


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