Thursday, July 12, 2007

Report from Bahrain

Dear Friends
To everybody's surprise still sivaji is running in 2 theatres. One is Awal Cinema and the other one is Al Hamra..
As i have already highlighted about the emerging of our movie in 2 theatres, i dnt want take those into pictures now..
Svaji got released in 2 theatres
Al Hamra  ( 485 seats )
Awal Cinema ( 790 seats )
Al Hamra
1. From June15th to July 11th
    4 shows a day
    Total no of shows - 108 shows
Awal Cinema:
1. From June15th to June22nd
    4 shows a day
    Total no of shows... 32 shows
 22nd June'2007 Then they took sivaji and started running two films shoot N & Jhoom Bazaar Jhoom ( This film  has to be screened on 15th June itself, because of the stunning crowd response for sivaji and no response for JBJ, the distributor gave preference to sivaji in this theatre and also 4 shows. Normally in this theatre any will film be screened for max of 3 shows. But Sivaji broke all those coin records )
23rd June'2007.. As JBJ and Shoot N failed to bring even 7% audience to the theatres.. Sivaji was brought once again in this theatre for midnight show..
                           But the audience came for the midnight show is 15 times more than that of the rest of the shows..
24th June'2007.. Sivaji was sttarted to dominate the evening show and the no crowd film was pushed to midnight..
From that day till today sivaji is running in this theatre for one show  alongwith 4 shows in the other theatre..  ( Total no of shows.. 19 shows )
I would like to pin point one more thing here ' n 'of films were screened including train and taken out during this session.. but Sivaji holds its place very firmly.. 3 films were screened including sivaji.
Out of 159 shows.. Houseful shows were 70  and more than 80% audience are 40 and atllast minimum audience at the later stage is more than 30% which is very compared to the other film..
Running of Sivaji till date proves how true is my above statement..
50 naal odinaaalum aacharayam illai...
Ellaathukkum mela jeyikkira kudhiraya pathi adhigamaaa pesa vendiya avasaiyam illai...
Real WORLD SUPERSTAR Rajinikanth's magic is still dominating the whole indian cinemas..
Special Correspondent from Bahrain

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