Sunday, July 08, 2007

Rajni Roars - Gujarat Updates

The Boss conquers Barodians, even those who don't know Tamil, as the actor's latest film Sivaji opens to a full house
Ahmedabad, July 07: The Thalaivar (as Rajnikanth is fondly known in Tamil, meaning Leader) fever has now spread to Vadodara. The latest Rajnikanth flick Sivaji came a tad later from the South, but, we saw and he conquered an almost full house at a multiplex in Vadodara on Friday, with even a sizeable Gujarati crowd thoroughly enjoying the three-hour South Indian extravaganza. The movie even had the usually conservative Gujarati crowd shaking a leg and hooting with every death-defying stunt and song sequence like the other fans from the South.
The show, primarily with a South Indian audience, was replete with catcalls, incessant whistling and the archetypal dances during songs that are characteristic of any Rajni movie experience in South India. And the Gujaratis were not to be outdone. Whether it was Rajni riding a motorcycle while sleeping on it, or flying through the air a la The Matrix, they joined in the festivities as well and seemed to wait for the fantastic stunts on screen just to applaud and whistle with the rest of the crowd.
Language was never a barrier for those who did not understand Tamil. The Barodians waited for Rajni's gravity defying stunts or his dialogue delivery, just for a chance to join in. Sanjeev Jain, technology student from MSU said, "It's his screen presence. I don't know any Tamil, so I just followed the rest of the crowd, shouting when they shouted, whistling when they did. After a while, I just knew when the punch line was coming." He added that he had never seen a movie in this fashion and was going see it again with another set of friends.
P G Sairam, from Chennai who has been working in the city said he had never felt this close to home in two years. "I was surprised with the response. When my friends and I planned for the movie, we guessed we would have to subdue ourselves or invite trouble," Sairam said. However, Sairam and his friends were only pleasantly surprised to find a likeminded crowd who was in the theatre for more than just the movie.

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